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COMPANY PROFILEZHEJIANG GUOYU AUTO PARTS CO., LTD - “GYT” was established in 1988. With more than 30 years experience, GYT has become the outstanding supplier to global OEM market and auto parts aftermarket. Supplying to more than 20 countries and areas, GYT is one of the most trustworthy partners to the clients. Four production bases have been set in Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province, Pudong District of Shanghai City, Fengxian District of Shanghai City and Gaochun District of Nanjing City, for producing three series products: Motor Wiper System (wiper blade, wiper refill, and motor wiper system), Rubber Parts and Oil Seals. The plant in Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province - Zhejiang Guoyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: Motor Wiper System production and research center (wiper blade, wiper refill, and motor wiper system). Holding an area of 18200m2 vs building area 15000m2, GYT plant in Taizhou City has the excellent facilities and experts to control the production process, quality, and devote to research and continuous development. Complying to TL-W-659 standard and on the basic of more than 30 years experience of design and research, GYT wiper rubber holds the ability of developing different formulas of wiper rubber (i.e.: specially for high / low temperature and complicated environment i.e. CR formula) to match the requirement of different situation, with high quality surface coating treatment and double-sided cutting to ensure the better wiper effect and longer life. GYT implements the IATF16949:2016 quality controlling system, with the purpose of adding the value to customers with stable quality, continuous development and excellent service which will bring us to a bright future together.

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